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The Golf Clinic is a project that comes from the passion for sports and vocation for Medicine in a privileged environment for its climate and Golf offer as it is “La Costa del Sol”.

It is estimated that there exist around 200 millions of golf players in the world, of all ages, but because of basically economical and free time reasons, with a peak in 55 years old patients and henceforth. This patients normally get to play golf after practising other sports the rest of their lives, and acquire new “vices” apart of carrying the ones they already had from other sports.

The most frequent injuries in this players (from now we will refer to them either as patients or players), affect the osteo-muscular system. The fact of combinate intervertebral rotation, pelvic girdle, shoulder girdle, raise both arms without bending the elbow, bending the wrist to the end and then go back to the initial position abruptly and end in total extension, makes easy to understand this is the origin of the painful process that can end even with the sport life of the patient. On the other hand, playing golf walking is an authentic “ergometry” to some patients, thus turists that come to “La Costa” don’t know the specifications of the fields and can venture into a physical activity that they don’t tolerate because of their athletic condition. At least, there is a group of players that gave up playing golf because of this process and that are completely “recoverable” for something as healthy as a walk in the field to discharge adrenalin moving the skeleton (Anonymous definition written in a rock in St Andrews for Golf).

The Golf Clinc is formed by various components that have been defining it while they have been incoporating, our activity and our way of understanding this necessary union between Golf and Medicine, as it exists in other sports. Basically, we want to improve golf player’s life.

Luis Martínez is a golf instructor for 25 years and since then, he enacts a “healthy swing” as a way of understand his job, understanding that there is an easy and healthy way to play golf, avoiding the classic injuries that araise. His method to teach to play golf, “ Less is More”, is based that it isn’t plausible that an amateur player pretends to copy proffesional player’s swing, basically because they are athletes with daily serveral hours of trainning in a gym. An amateur normally practises some golf shots and if he is lucky he makes two or three courses weekly, nothing to do with the work plans of proffesional players.


If we want that an amateur player without enough physical training equals the rotation angles and the speed that a proffesional’s club reaches, this will earn the appearance of tendinous excess effort, with the consequent related tendonitis and muscular contracture.

Thus, if there exists a “healthy swing” that avoids injuries, that is easy to learn, and that is based in the club’s technology that actually are commercialized to obtain good results, logically we are standing before a good option that every golf player should value.



Chiara Cantone is physiotherapist and golf player, and for many years she collaborates with Luis Martínez in the physical training of the players that perform the learning method of “Less is More”, correcting postural vices and the “muscular memory” that this player carry with them. Also he is in charge of accelerating the recovery of any type of inflammatory osteo-muscular pathology of the player, and counsel the training excercices necessary to progress in the Golf practice. This work is performed along with Aitor Ramos, specialist chriopractor in manual therapies, and sport injuries, with over 20 years of experience in the treatment of sport injuries of elite professional athletes.

Dr. Francisco Martínez Peñalver is an Internal Medicine specialized doctor, Medical director of Magna Clinic and golf player. For 3 years he is a golf learner and collaborator of Luis Martínez and his method “Less is More”. Dr. Martínez is in charge of the medical part, doing a complete study of each patient to define their strengths and weaknesses to prevent injuries, minimize previous disease and make playing golf a suitable activity with almost any age and situations. He is taking care of recommending which fields are more healthy for each patient/player in an personalized way (in accordance with their handicap, physical condition of the patient,…). Also he coordinates any kind of medical medical assistance that patients/players need during their stay with the required speciality no matter which one.

Magna Clinic is the center where the Golf Clinic is located. It offers their brand new facilities of 2000 square meters, with their own gym, “Golf Corner” to a personalized study of the swing, medical consultations with all specialities, conference hall to events related with the Golf Clinic, and all this in the so-called “Golf Valley”, the place in the world with the most golf fields per square meters.

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