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Since 1974 the World Health Organization incorporates for the first time the concept of sexual health within their Health definition, the evolution and the develpment of this area didn’t stop to grow, by the increasing of the demand of assistance in an exponentially way in the past decades.

The appearance of different medications for the approach of sexual dysfunctions has been an element more for Sexual Health to acquired the role that the population grants it and to make health proffesionals in the differente assistential levels to tackle more and in a more effective way this problems.

On the other hand, prevention is another essencial element in the sexual health care. As in the possiblity of acquisition sexually transmitted diseases or the existence of unwanted pregnancies, sexual education is an important tool.


All epidemological data avaible and the assistencial experience of the past decades allow us to affirm that sexual dysfunctions have an important prevalence, being estimated that problems as erectile dysfunction, can reach according to the age range to more than half of the male, and one of every four women can develop a hypoactive sexual desire in the course of their sexual life.

Through active detection we can find a high number of disorders of the sexlogy area in patients that suffer other illness (diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, medullary lesions, prostatic pathologies, oncologicals…) or polymedicated (antihypertensive medication, psychotropic drugs).

Our professional experience provides us also the evidence of the need to have an assistencial sexology unit related to other specialities due to the close relation between several organic problems and sexual dysfunctions. Magna Clinic count on diverse departments for specialties that can interrelate with
the Sexual Health Unit.


◆ Sexual disorders: Orientation and sexual therapy individually and in couple in:

  • Premature, delayed and retrograte ejaculation, anejaculation, erectile dysfunction, lack of desire, vaginismus, dyspareunia, rejection and aversion of sex, variations of the sexual object or purpose, atypical sexual conduct, sexual offense, sexual dysfunctions related to chronic concomitant pathology…

◆ Couple Problems:

  • Couple crisis, lack of communication, infidelity, problems of coexistence, ill-treatment, jealousy, extra-marital relationships…
  • Separation crisis and divorce therapy.
  • Family planning.

◆ Mediation of separation and divorce:

  • Counselling and therapy in a couple break.
  • Family mediation.
  • Mutual agreement, expert report.
  • Divorce therapy.


◆ Training and sexual education:

  • Of school and educators through the provide of Programmes of Workshop of Sexuallity from the gender standpoint.
  • Of professionals of the healthcare area, for the promotion of the active detection of sexologic problems in the daily clinic, through the providing of Workshops and Clinical Sessions.
  • Of the population, for the promotion of Sexual Health in Sexual Relations as a source of Health and well-being, and the prevention of dysfunctions.


◆ Contraception

  • Contracptive counselling, with derivation to definitive contraception techniques.
  • Insertion and control of IUD.
  • Insertion of contraceptive implants.

◆ STD detection

  • Cytology and HPV screening, HPV vaccination.
  • Chlamydia detection.
  • Blood tests for STD detection.
  • HIV screening

Human resources

The Sexual Health Unit of Magna Clinic will count on the colaboration of different proffesional and entities, being directed by Dr. Ana Rosa Jurado Lopez, with over 20 years of clinical experience. She is a Medical Doctor and Sexologist, President of the European Institute of Sexology, Secretary of the
Sexology Group and Coordiantor of the Women Group of the Spanish Society of Primary Health Care Doctors (SEMERGEN), Member of the Editorial Committee of the journal, Member of the board of directors of the Spanish Association for the Study of the Menopause (AEEM) and of the
Spanish Sexology Association and Sexual Medicine.

It also counts on the colaboration as adviser of Dr. Carlos San Martín Blanco, Medical Doctor, Sexologist and Psychoterapist, President of the Spanish Association for the Integral Promotion of Sexual Health, Permanent Academician and General Secretary of the Spansih Academy of Sexology and Sexual

Between the entities with whom this Unity will colaborate in the development of educative and assistance projects we can find the Spanish Association for the Intergral Promotion of Sexual Health, the Spanish Academy of Sexology and Sexual Medicine, the Spanish Association of Sexology Specialist, the
European Institute of Sexology, the Working Group of Sexology of SEMERGEN and the Group of Sexuality of the AEEM.

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